Another beautiful Andalusian city that you have to visit is Malaga. Situated on the coast, Malaga is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, due to its natural beauty and the dozens of beaches which stretch along the coast on either side of the city. A return ticket from Granada only costs just under €23 and is well worth the money.

View of Malaga City

View of Malaga

What To See:

  • The Alcazaba: Another famous old Moorish fortress built on a hill. The architecture is not as lavish as the Alhambra but the fact that the majority of it has not been restored gives it a magical touch. The views of the city from the towers are also brilliant.
  • The Cathedral: Another breathtakingly beautiful cathedral situated at the heart of Malaga’s old town. It is free to enter and it is a must see while you are here
  • The Picasso Museum: Check out the work of one of the famous artists in history in his home city. You can also visit Picasso’s place of birth which is only a short walk from the museum.
  •  The Bullring: You can see the bullring stand out from every viewpoint in Malaga. It is separated from the coast by a line of high-rise apartment buildings and symbolises the mix of the old and new in Malaga.
  • La Malagueta & The Port: For a city beach, La Malagueta gets the job done. It is quite a big beach and it is sandy unlike the beaches closer to Granada. Walk along the beach towards the port and Muelle Uno, a line of shops and cafes which overlook the port. Here you can relax by the sea and marvel at the ships coming in and out of one of the oldest ports still in use in the world today.
La Malagueta Beach, Malaga

La Malagueta Beach, Malaga

Muelle Uno, Malaga Port

Muelle Uno Along Malaga's Port Is Lined With Shops & Cafes

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