How can you get involved in Andalusian culture and relax at the same time? Visit a traditional Arab Bath (Hammam) while you’re in Granada. The main Hammam is said to be built over the same Arab Baths used by the Moors when they ruled Granada thousands of years ago. The Hammam is supposed to be the ultimate relaxing and body-cleansing experience.

Arab Bath (Hammam) In Granada

The 'Hot Room' In The Hammam

You start off in the ‘Warm Room’, then go to the ‘hot room’ and then try the ‘cold room’. Then you can use the traditional steam room and relax with some mint tea. The building itself is beautiful and very Moorish in its design, with intricate details and tiling that are reminiscent of the Alhambra. Sit back and relax in the traditional baths while listening to soothing Arabic music, drinking tea and smelling beautiful natural aromas that will put you at ease. You will feel completely refreshed and relaxed once the experience is over and will probably want to try it again. If you want to treat yourself even more, you could also book a traditional massage as part of your experience. The massages vary from a basic massage to a traditional Moorish full body massage.

Entrance to the massage area in the Hammam

Beautifully decorated entrance to the massage area in the Hammam

You can find more details on how to book and what options are available here:

You could also ask us at reception if you would like more information and we will do our best to help.

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