Hola a todos! Welcome to Granada’s famous Itinere Hostel and welcome to Granada! Now, we all know Granada is a beautiful city and there are many things to see in it, however, there are also some places just outside the city that you cannot miss. Not everyone knows about these places so you guys are lucky we are letting you in on a bit of a secret. Interested? Read on…

Secret Tourist Tip 1: Los Cahorros & Monachil

Crystal clear river in Los Cahorros, Monachil, Granada

Natural river flowing between the mountains

If you are up for a bit of adventure then you’ll love a trip to Monachil, a tranquil town just 30 minutes away from Granada by bus. From here, you can follow the river down to the slightly-famous, and signposted, hiking trail which leads you into the stunning scenery of the Sierra Nevada national park. It’s not for the faint-hearted and it does take some energy but the views you get are definitely worth the trip. Marvel at the imposing cliffs and immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural wonder. Crystal clear water flows through small rivers and waterfalls are plentiful so feel free to cool off if the hike works up a sweat (Be careful though as the water is very cold!). Now onto the “Pièce de résistance”, the hanging suspension bridges of Los Cahorros. You’ll feel like Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies when you are crossing these slightly-daunting, but very safe, suspension bridges situated between the rugged cliff faces of the national park. Make sure you bring your camera to capture your adventure!

Monachil is very easy to get to from Granada and the buses run roughly every hour. Check out the bus timetable here: http://siu.ctagr.com/es/horarios_lineas_tabla.php?linea=679

More information: http://www.treksierranevada.com/cahorros.html ;



Waterfall in Los Cahorros, Monachil, Granada

Beautiful natural waterfall in Los Cahorros


Suspension Bridge In Los Cahorros, Monachil, Granada

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