1000won bill - ITINERE HOSTEL
This month is being a hard month, because we are not having too much guests coming to our place. And this fact could be a little bit frustrating and make us feeling a little bit down-hearted. But some details from our customers help us to keep on smiling. Today a korean guest thanks me our kindness at his departure and gave us a korean 1000won bill (note) as a present.

Even if we are not the best hostel in the city (we are doing our best), even if we don’t have all the facilities we would like to offer, the only thing we are always able to give you is our kind smile and our help in anything we can do. And I hope you appreciate it as we appreciate the kindness of our guests. Some of our guests are reeeally kind and other are not kind at all, but I really think that if you give you always receive.

Thank you very much Mingi C. for make me feel happy today.


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